The price that you pay per screen printed garment depends most heavily on the following factors:

  • The total number of printed garments. As the quantity increases the price per shirt goes down.
  • The number of print locations per garment (front, back, sleeve, etc.). Reduce the number of print locations to bring down your cost. Consider additional print locations if there’s room in your budget for it.
  • The number of ink colors in each print location. If you want the best price, consider reducing the number of print colors in your artwork.
  • Your garment selection. You can save money by selecting more economical garment styles or pump up the value by investing in premium quality garments.

Before Ordering


In preparation for your order you’ll need to gather the following information:

  • Garment Selection
    The style numbers, colors, sizes and quantities of the garments you want to print on. Start by browsing imprintable garments in the “Apparel Catalog” menu at the top of the page.
  • Art
    If we are designing your art we will evaluate your concept and provide an estimate for art charges. Please be as descriptive as possible as far as what you want to see. Providing any examples, fonts, clip art, etc can reduce art charges and art proof revisions.
    If we are not designing your art you will need to submit print ready art files when you order. Please make sure to follow or have your designer follow our art file guidelines.
  • Deposit
    We ask that at least half of your invoice be paid the time of ordering. You can pay with cash or credit card.


Upon placing an order your garments are shipped from one of our vendor warehouses. When the inventory arrives at our printing facility it is carefully counted, inspected, and reboxed. Any defective garments or vendor miscounts will need to be addressed before the job can be printed.

Art Production

When you place your order the art department begins working on your art proof. After your approval a graphic designer carefully separates the art so that each print color is printed out on a separate film positive. These films are then given to the screen department.

Screen Making

Each film is used to expose a screen that has been coated with a photosensitive emulsion. Our screen maker attaches the film to the underside of the screen and uses the exposure unit to expose it to very bright light. The emulsion hardens where exposed, allowing the unexposed areas to be washed out with water creating a stencil that can be printed through.  The imaged screen is then dried, taped, and handed over to the printing department.


After quality checking the finished screens our printing staff loads them into one of our printing presses and carefully aligns them. A test print is printed onto a scrap shirt for a final art check, then a single “strike off” garment from your order is printed to make sure everything looks perfect. Upon final approval from our production manager the rest of your garments are printed while being compared to the strike off garment for consistency. After being printed the garments must be sent down one of our conveyor dryers to cure the ink.


At the other end of the dryer the garments are quality checked and counted a final time to make sure the count is still accurate. At this point heat press services, if any, are applied. Your order is boxed up and prepared for shipping or pickup. Add-on finishing services such as individual folding, hang tagging, poly bagging and labeling are available.