Heat Setting

Screen Print Heat Setting

Heat setting is the new best kept secret of major t-shirt retailers. Why would you want to heat set your prints?

  • smoother feeling prints
  • softer feeling prints
  • reduced print thickness
  • sometimes adds a slight gloss
  • increased print durability

The Process: 
After being printed and cured the screen print is individually heat pressed using a Teflon coated sheet

Heat setting fabrics containing dyed polyester can shift the color of the print toward the dye color. If this is a concern we recommend using cotton shirts

Work shirts, athletic shirts, or any other shirts that will be used heavily or washed a lot will benefit from being heat set. Customers looking for very soft prints will be pleased with the results as well


  • Up to 50 pieces: $0.75 per heat tap
  • More than 50 pieces: $0.50 per heat tap