Heat Applied Foil

Foil is a screen printing add-on service that results in a mirrored shiny finish which far surpasses the brilliance of metallic inks.

The Process: 
A sheet of special foil paper is heat pressed onto a cured screen print. When the carrier paper is removed it leaves foil stuck to the surface of the print. The garment is then sent down the conveyor dryer again to better set the foil.

Foil is the least permanent of the decoration processes that we use. It will tarnish slightly after the first wash and should maintain this look for several more washes.

The maximum foiled area is 12″x14″.

Avoid trying to cover large blocky areas and try to use thinner lines and objects in your design.
You should choose an ink color that matches the foil color: For silver foil use metallic silver, gold foil use metallic gold, etc. This will make it less noticeable when the foil eventually begins to wear off

Stock Foil Colors:

  • Silver
  • Matte Silver
  • Gold
  • Vegas Gold
  • Black
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Dark Blue
  • Light Blue


  • $2 per foil press