Custom Order Split

Divide your order into separate boxes for shipping to multiple addresses or for any other reason

  • $3 per split
  • $2 each for additional used boxes
  • $3 each for new boxes

Individual Folding

Depending on your situation you may not want your garments bundled in bulk after printing

  • Standard fold $0.25 per shirt
  • Custom fold $0.50 per shirt

Individual Poly Bagging (includes individual folding)

Bagging can protect garments from dust while in storage and make organizing your inventory easier

  • $1 per garment

Individual Poly Bag Labeling

Add size labels, recipient names or a marketing message to individually poly bagged garments

  • $1 per 1″ label.

Hang Tag Application

Common uses for hang tags are to add retail pricing info, sku’s, barcodes, and branding. If you supply hang tags we can attach them for you

  • $0.50 each hang tag

Sticker Application

Stickers are usually used to show authenticity of a licensed product. Some clothing lines will use a sticker to add branding. We can apply your stickers to the garments in your order for you.

  • $0.20 each sticker

Re-boxing / Extra Boxes

Shipping boxes for garments are often pretty beat up when we receive them. If a box arrives damaged we will always repair it with shipping tape at no additional charge. If you want to make sure that you or your customer receives the order in nice boxes you should use have us re-box it.

  • $2 each for used boxes in good shape (if available)
  • $3 each for brand new boxes (if available)