Our regular pricing is based on the print being in a standard print location. 

Standard Print Locations

Standard print locations are printed in the same relative position on sizes small through extra large, within a 1″ tolerance. The location is adjusted slightly for sizes above extra large.

  • front centered
  • back centered
  • left chest
  • right chest
  • left bicep
  • right bicep
  • left thigh
  • right thigh
  • on the pocket (pocket tees)

Non Standard Print Locations

Non standard print locations extend the print time of any given job and will cost an extra $1 per print. Limitations apply.

  • above pocket (pocket tees)
  • on the pocket (hoodies)
  • down arm 
  • down leg
  • side print
  • wrist
  • ankle
  • shoulder
  • butt
  • hood
  • closer than 1″ to any seam
  • placement relative to another print or decoration
  • varying location based on size for sizes less than 2x
  • placements with a print to print tolerance of less than 1″
  • any other print location not listed under “standard print locations”