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If we are designing your art we will evaluate your concept and provide an estimate for art charges. Please be as descriptive as possible as far as what you want to see. Providing any examples, fonts, clip art, etc can reduce art charges.  If we are not designing your art you will need to submit print ready art files when you order. Please make sure to follow or have your designer follow our art file guidelines.

In House Graphic Design Services – $25 per half hour 

Your best choice if you are on a budget. Our current graphic design rate is $25 per half hour increment and we can estimate for you up front on how long your art would take us to complete. You can reduce the billable design time by providing more details: clip art files, drawings, sketches, font names, typing out content, etc. The more detailed descriptions the better. This will speed the design process and reduce the number of revisions necessary. There are also lots of free online t-shirt design tools that allow you to mock up your own design, giving us an even better idea of what you want to see. Simple, well described designs can take as little as one half hour while more complex designs or excessive revisions can take several hours. Contact us for a quote.